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Welcome: In this privacy statement we try to explain how we handle your data.

Firstly, we always advise you to share as little private information as possible on the internet. Basically we also do not process any personal data, if it is necessary then it is to be able to deliver a properly functioning service. We will always first ask you for permission to use this data. Usually it only concerns an e-mail address that we store encrypted, a nickname, and your IP address. If we need this information, we will always inform you first and ask for your permission. It may also be that an external party wants to use Third Party cookies, in which case we will first inform you about this and ask you for permission in advance.


* Responsible

* Applicability

* Data processing

* What data can we process and for what

* Retention period

* If you are younger than 16 years old

* Storage of data

* The use of cookies and similar technologies

* First party cookies

* Third party cookies:

* If you do not want cookies

* View and change your data

* Security of your data

* Third party services and websites

* Change of this privacy statement

* If you have any questions

1: Responsible for ''

Who maintains this website / forum / app (hereinafter: '' website '').

This website ' ' is maintained by Ruflora Internet Services and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 27305309,

PO Box 43134

For questions about the use of your data on this website you can reach us via e-mail address:

2: Applicability.
This privacy statement applies to the use of this website / forum and the accompanying app and therefore to all data that ruflora collects and processes via this website / forum and app. This statement does not apply to third-party websites and services that are linked to this website through links. You are advised to read the privacy rules of these external parties before you start using them.

3: Data processing.
Ruflora does not process any personal data that can be traced back to you as a person, unless we first inform you about this, have asked you for your permission and you have given us this permission.

Most of the data that is used is completely anonymous, a process whereby personal data is made unusable for identification. This data can never be traced back to you as a natural person and is therefore no longer personal data. In all other cases we will first inform you about this and always first ask for your permission.

Do you have questions about this? Do you want more information about this, do you have questions about this privacy statement or do you just want to know if we use your data and why? Then you can of course simply ask us these questions by e-mail at and we will be happy to answer your questions,

4: What data can we process and for what ..
Ruflora uses the information you provide for being able to perform the services you use on the website, for registering them, for administrative purposes and for sending mailings,

Ruflora is the exclusive owner of the data entered by you. Your data will not be sold or shared with third parties, unless we first inform you about this, you have asked for your permission and you have given us this permission. Your data can be provided if Ruflora receives an order from the competent authorities and is legally obliged to do so.

We may need the following information, we always ask you permission first.

* E-mail address:
If you want to contact the website administrator. If you want to contact the administrator of this website via the relevant contact form, we can ask for your e-mail address. This is necessary to respond to your question by e-mail. We store the data for 3 months in order to provide you with the best possible service.

* For your additions to this site via a message or comment.
It is possible to post messages on this website or in the forum itself or to respond to messages. If you post a message or comment on this website / forum you can then enter your e-mail address (optional). This e-mail address will not be published in the message you have posted. Your e-mail address is only needed so that you can later delete your response or message yourself and to keep you informed by means of an e-mail reminder if a new response is placed on your message. Your e-mail address is encrypted saved and will remain until you delete your message or response. You can also unsubscribe at any time via this reminder, your message will be deleted and you will no longer receive an e-mail reminder.

* Supply and demand: If you place an advertisement or respond to an advertisement.
It is possible to place an advertisement on the website or to respond to a placed advertisement. If you place an advertisement or respond to an advertisement via the contact form with this advertisement, it is necessary to provide your e-mail address, so that buyer / seller can make contact via email and can communicate about the purchase or sale. When placing an advertisement your e-mail address will not be mentioned in the advertisement and when placing an advertisement your e-mail address will be stored encrypted until you remove the advertisement you placed yourself. If you respond to an advertisement or you will receive a response to your advertisement, the contact will then be made via your specified e-mail address of both the governor and the advertiser. We cannot then guarantee that the recipients of the message will handle your data in a reliable or secure manner. Ruflora is therefore not liable for any damage that might arise from this because we have no further influence on this and no insight into it.

* Newsletter.
We offer a newsletter with which we want to inform interested parties about the latest developments, our products, services, offers and related matters. The news letter is sent by e-mail. Your e-mail address will only be added to the list of newsletter subscribers with your permission and will be stored encrypted. Every newsletter that you receive from us contains a link with which you can easily unsubscribe. Your e-mail address will then be deleted from the database. The subscriber file of the news letter is not provided to third parties.

* IP address:
If you post a comment / message or advertisement on the website or in the forum, we can save your IP address to prevent abuse of this service from the site. Your IP address is never published with your message and is stored encrypted. Your IP address will be saved until you delete your message or response yourself.

* Permission given.
If you have given permission for the use of your data, we are obliged to save this permission. We then store your IP address, time and the domain name from which you gave permission and the type of permission and for what.

* Name:
If you respond to a message or place a message or advertisement yourself, we will ask you for a name. Here you can enter an alias or nickname. Enter a name that cannot be traced back to you, so not your own name but an alias / username.

* Visitor information:
We use statistics to see how well or badly this website performs We use data such as IP address, time, and data that your browser sends and your click behavior on the website. We use this data to monitor the website in order to improve the website where necessary and to offer you the best possible user-friendly and functioning website. We automatically delete this log data once a month. (Ruflora tries to make this data as anonymous as possible).

5: Retention period.
Data is stored no longer than necessary for export and legally determined. Data that is no longer needed will be deleted / destroyed. You can also ask us to remove or change your data or to unsubscribe from the service

6: If you are younger than 16?
If you are not yet 16, you may only use our services if you have received permission from one of your parents or a legal representative who has read this privacy statement.

7: Storage of the data.
The data you provide is stored on a server of an external company that is ISO 27001 certified. This server is located within the European Uni and complies with European legislation. Ruflora has a processor agreement with this company.

8: The use of cookies and similar technologies.
Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer via your browser with the intention that the browser will send this information back to the server on a subsequent visit.

When visiting the website, own cookies and third-party cookies can be placed.

8.1: First party cookies:
These are own cookies and are made by or for Ruflora and these are placed on your computer by Ruflora and Ruflora has access to those cookies. These cookies are used by Ruflora to facilitate the website visit for you and to remember the settings you use. We do not process any personal data in these cookies.

8.2: Third party cookies:
These are cookies placed by third parties and are made by external parties, for example for social media and inserted external media (embedded content). These are placed on your computer by third parties and third parties have access to these cookies.

These are often cookies from the following external parties.

Google -
Facebook -
Twitter -
Daisycon -
Awin -
Tradetracker -
Linkedin - -
Partnerize / coolblue -

We always ask you for prior approval if third party cookies are used.

Because this website can make use of external embedded content that can be added to a message by Ruflora itself or by visitors to the forum, Ruflora does not always have insight into the cookies that can be placed through this website by third parties and therefore has no control , influence and knowledge about the content and operation of these Third party cookies placed by these external parties. Ruflora can therefore not be held responsible for these cookies. Ruflora recommends that you read the cookie statement of these external parties and if you do not wish to agree to block or delete the cookies of the relevant party via your browser settings.

We can offer you this website for free by displaying advertisements. Some of these advertisements also use third party cookies. Through these cookies it is possible to keep track of which advertisement you have seen, how many visitors click on the advertisement, and whether an order is placed via this advertisement with the advertiser, so this website can receive compensation for that order.

8.3: Do you not want cookies?
If we ask you for permission by means of an opt-in for placing cookies, you can click on settings and indicate that you want to continue without cookies, you can also set whether or not cookies can be placed on your computer via your browser. You can also delete cookies via your internet browser. You can also set your browser so that you first receive a message when a cookie is placed or that cookies cannot be placed at all. If you disable the operation of cookies, Ruflora cannot guarantee that the website works properly. And cannot be held liable for this either.

9: Access and change of your data. If you want to know what information Ruflora has recorded about you or if you want to change information that you cannot see or change in your account. Then you can contact Ruflora with these questions via.

Ruflora PO Box 43134

You can also request to delete your account completely if desired. Your account will remain in backups until these backups are deleted.

10: Security of your data.
Ruflora uses strict safety procedures. Your data is stored on a secure server and is stored encrypted as much as possible. The database with your data is protected by a password and is not directly accessible via the internet. We make every effort to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

11: Third party services and websites.
If you use a service of a partner on this website, an advertiser, or if you visit the website of a third party via a link, then the conditions and privacy rules of the relevant partner or third party apply. You are advised to consult these privacy rules of the relevant partner or third party. We cannot guarantee that this third party or partner will handle your data reliably.

12: Amendment of this privacy statement.
Ruflora reserves the right to make changes to this privacy statement. Every change will be published on this page. We recommend that you regularly consult this privacy statement so that you are aware of the content of the applicable privacy statement.

13: Questions?
Do you have questions about our privacy policy, or do you just want to know if we use your data and why and whether this data can be deleted. Then you can of course simply ask us these questions by e-mail at and we will be happy to answer your questions.

You can contact Ruflora via:

PO Box 43134

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